Dutch Creek Trails Horseback Blog

Highly recommend!
We took our granddaughter to see and familiarize herself with the horses and everyone was just fantastic. She took a short ride and was thrilled. Amanda and Jonah were so friendly and knowledgeable. We will go back again!

Shawn Cancelli


We went for a ride for my birthday and had a great time. They were running behind because of all the rain, and the trails were muddy and slick, so we got out there late. They well accommodated the family of 7 before us, settling the 6 year old on a horse even though she was scared. But our guide, Travis, was awesome. We had a fun time with him and can’t wait to come back here. Plus, its a great workout for your abs and legs!

Ashleigh Verdier


I took my daughter and her best friend riding for my daughters 19th birthday on Saturday 10~8~22. This place and ALL of the staff there really do make dreams come true. I am 42 and have never rode a Percheron horse… Honestly it was a dream! My daughter fell in love with the horse that she was assigned….also the one she was hoping for Khoal….and her best friend who had never rode a horse was on Spanky.. Thank you all so much! Can’t wait to return next year 10~7~23! And have even discussed coming back even sooner than that!

Tessa Pabone